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This was the Canadian drive to the Rhine near Xanten by Lieutenant General GG Simonds's II Corps or General HDG Crerar's 1st Army as the final phase of Field Marshal's Veritable offensive Sir Bernard Montgomery's Allied 21st Army Group (February 8 / March 10) ) 1945).

Operation Blockbuster was the completion of the larger Operation Veritable by the First Canadian Army, reinforced by the British Second Army XXX Corps from late February to early March 1945. Veritable was slower and more expensive than expected and the Canadian commander, General Harry Crerar, had decided to make a new start for the operation. Three British and Canadian divisions advanced north-west and captured unprepared German positions in the forested ridge of Hochwald before moving on to Xanten. They came into contact with the Ninth American army in Berendonk, near Geldern, on 3 March.